Exhibition: ‘I grew up with dolphins in my garden’

Artists in this exhibition:

Exhibition date:

From: January 16th 2019

Until: January 26th 2019

Tentoonstelling op de eerste verdieping van Villa de Bank

Linda Vilka / Latvia / 1995


AKI Art University of Enschede – CrossMedia design – Exchange (2018-2019)

Art Academy of Latvia – Environmental arts BA (2015-2019)

Secondary Art and Design school – Interior design (2012-2015)


Linda’s work is a lot about melancholia. Her work consist out of associations

with with the past, sometimes even straightly luring you back to the feelings of an

almost unaffected child, whose observation is still in a direct line with their

feelings. By looking at her work, as a ‘affected’ viewer, you might feel that your

feelings while observing are coming from a lot more than just that straight line.

Her work make you aware of sometimes even scary distance between the past and how is

has brought you to where you are now. Exploring natures and surroundings significance,

she reccolects distant memories and combines them with momentarily emotions.

As one of the main inspirations is her hometown Tārgale parish in

Ventspils – exploration of peaks from the local culture, the community, interacting

with locals using different artistic approaches, this way expressing unexpected

longing after a place never longed after before.